Rooted In Vegas: Meet, Victoria of Flora Pop

It is inspiring to be part of a community that is invested in itself. We exist to highlight and showcase those who are creating and bringing beauty to this vibrant city — those who are Rooted in Vegas.

Meet Victoria, the founder of Flora Pop, a pop-up matrimony service that draws inspiration from vintage vibes and nature. We interviewed Victoria to learn more about her story and why Vegas is where she decided to grow his roots.

What is Flora Pop and what role does it play in the downtown community?

Flora Pop started in Downtown Las Vegas as a pop-up garden business & then quickly shifted into creating the first pop-up wedding company in the US! We highlight the love that couples have for one another without the fuss of a big wedding. Las Vegas and it’s surrounding natural landscapes have been a highlight for couples that live overseas and want to have a real desert experience.

What do you like most about being a part of the Vegas creative community?

Las Vegas is a really special place. If you have an idea, you can do anything that you want. Our town is so small, so it’s easy to feel connected to the makers in this city. We’re all able to support each other in a very genuine way.

In what ways does being in Vegas inspire you, your weddings, or your art?

I have always loved the vintage design of this city. I bought a home that was built in the 1950s and the preservation of that small slice of history is what keeps me staying inspired, in addition to all my artist friends and the natural landscapes. I’m definitely a desert dweller now!


To learn more about Flora Pop, you can visit their website or follow them on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest.

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