Rooted in Vegas: Meet Ryan Brunty with Depressed Monsters

Back at it with another awesome local artist!

Today I sat down with Ryan Brunty the founder and artist behind Depressed Monsters. If you frequent Downtown Las Vegas you will surely notice a furry little yeti, who goes by the name Yerman. Yerman can even be found here inside Fergusons!

Ryan explains that his love of art started as a kid. He connects his creativity to his family, he notes that he is related to the Bronte sisters (think novels such as Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Wurthering Heights by Emily Bronte) which he feels contributes to his creative outlook and style. Through conversation he attributes his grandfather’s career of masonry as another form of inspiration. From drawlings to large-scale murals and live paintings around town, Ryan has carved himself path in the Las Vegas art scene with Depressed Monsters.

Ryan talks freely about his battle with depression and anxiety as a child and young adult. He realized he became depressed after the passing of his grandfather, explaining that he began to draw self-portraits during this time that came out looking like various characters. He finished up a self-portrait that yielded the Yeti we know and love today…Yerman. Most of Ryan’s pieces and murals show Yerman in various moods but a constant theme of Ryan’s Depressed Monsters is the slogan “Stay Sad”, telling the viewer that it’s okay to be upset and sad, that you don’t have to hide your feelings.

Depressed Monsters

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