Rooted In Vegas: Meet, Mike Xavier

It is inspiring to be part of a community that is invested in itself. We exist to highlight and showcase those who are creating and bringing beauty to this vibrant city — those who are Rooted in Vegas.

Meet Mike Xavier, a songwriter and performer, who produces music inspired by life, love and hard times. We interviewed Mike to learn more about his story and why Vegas is where he decided to grow his roots.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background. How did you get into music and art?

I grew up in L.A and was raised by a single mother of four. I had a rough upbringing and was influenced by music at a young age after seeing my brother’s love for it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from life and the many experiences I have gone through. I’m inspired by helping others and seeing people believe in themselves.

Are you from Vegas? If not, what brought you here?

I am originally from L.A., but ended up homeless after going through difficult times. I had family in Vegas that were able to help me start over and provide a better life for myself and my son.

What do you love most about being a part of the Vegas community?

I love the unity that Las Vegas has and how much support everyone gives each other. When I first started performing at open mics around the city I was welcomed with open arms.

What positive impact do you think that the revitalization of Fergusons will have on Downtown Vegas?

I think the revitalization of Fergusons will bring people together. I feel that it is important for the community to have a place to go where everyone can share their creativity and that helps them spark inspiration. Having a space to go, such as Fergusons, for positive and like-minded people to gather will only bring great things to Downtown Vegas.

If you want to learn more about Mike’s story or listen to his music, visit his website.

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