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Meet Justin David, a member of The Jabawockeez. For more Las Vegas profiles, visit


If you live here, chance are you are familiar with the Jabbawockeez. Need a reminder? The Jabbawockeez is a hip-hop dance crew, that won the first “America’s Best Dance Crew:” in 2008 (happy 10th anniversary!).

Justin David is one of the members of this troupe of dancers. It may seem like being a part of such an inspirational and popular dance crew seems like a dream, but for Justin, his dream became a reality.

Justin is currently a crew member of Jabbawockeez, Full Force, and Super Cr3w. But that’s not all. This past year, he also helped with the Billboard Awards.

This talented performer has a compelling story of coming full circle.

Born and raised in Guam, Justin talks of the peaceful and quiet life the tiny island of Guam offers. At the age of 11, he began dancing and quickly realized he had a passion for it.

Later, in high school he began competing and winning competitions. The year before graduation, The Jabbawockeez made a tour visit to Guam and needed an opening crew.

Enter Justin’s crew.

A year later, at only 18-years-old, Justin moved to Las Vegas where he enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas an an architecture student. When that didn’t work out, he enlisted in the military and ended up leaving there, too.

But, his passion never waivered.

In 2012, he joined Jabbawockeez in Australia on their international tour.


Meet Justin David, a member of The Jabawockeez. For more Las Vegas profiles, visit

Now, Justin dances with America’s best (and masked) dance crew! They currently preform at the MGM six days a week, as well as touring. Hearing his story gives me so much inspiration! From practicing hip-hop at school to becoming one of Las Vegas’s best dancers, I can’t believe how amazing his journey has been.


I am excited to see where his passion takes him next. Listen to the full episode here.

Image 1: Courtesy of Justin-Emmanuel David
Image 2: Courtesy of Jabbawockeez
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