Rooted in Vegas: Meet Jessica Manalo

Featured Socialista Podcast Guest // Jessica Manalo



“There’s magic in the world!,” says indie soul singer and song-writer Jessica Manalo when asked what advice she would give to other aspiring artists.

It’s an instant connection when we meet. Jessica’s down-to-earth, authentic and compassionate, which makes talking with her so easy and fluid. She graciously came over to the tiny house at Fergusons Downtown to talk more about her new song and music video Far Away From Home, and what I got was an unadulterated, real conversation.

On the podcast, we cover everything from life in California, the movie Hot Chick, and songwriting based on emotions and experiences. She views her songwriting as a do-or-die situation, but one that is inspirational, writing songs in 15-minute spurts when she gets a spark of emotion.

Jessica started getting into performing when she was a teenager, covering various bands and posting them on YouTube. Her biggest musical inspirations include Paramore, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. Between the ages of 13-18, she started covering various bands and posting them on Youtube.

As a young adult, she branched out into playing at coffee shops and open mics at Human Experience(she went every Monday for two years straight — talk about commitment!).

Shortly after more opportunities came her way, which has allowed her to become a turn her passion into a career. The most beautiful thing about Jessica’s music is that it begs you to look beyond the cool beats, each lyric shows a bit of her real emotion. She explains that she is someone who loves love, a connection to another person. This is why her music has so much soul and authenticity to it.

Learn more about Jessica’s new single “Far Away From Home”, as well as our views on social media and phone addiction and more on The Socialista Podcast.

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