Rooted In Vegas: Meet, Holly Vaughn

It is inspiring to be part of a community that is invested in itself. We exist to highlight and showcase those who are creating and bringing beauty to this vibrant city — those who are Rooted in Vegas.

Meet Holly Vaughn, a Las Vegas-based artist with a gift for painting and pin-making. We interviewed Holly to learn more about her story and why Vegas is where she decided to grow her roots.

What do you like most about being a part of the Vegas creative community?

I love being a part of the Las Vegas creative community because everyone here is very supportive and interested in seeing each other succeed. It is an incredible network of talented and experienced professionals; I feel lucky to be considered a part of it!

In what ways does being in Vegas inspire your art?

The landscape here in Nevada has a huge influence on my artwork. I’m interested in the way that light and color work together on a large scale and we have so much of that out here in the desert. Being in a valley means we have these colorful and expansive views of the mountains in every direction; it’s really incredible.

How do you think the revitalization of Ferguson’s will have a positive impact on downtown?

The revitalization of Fergusons is going to be huge for Downtown; it will bring life to this unique area of the city that has so much history and potential. Building this cultural hub will bring so many positive influences, including strengthening the existing businesses and hopefully encouraging, even more, development to the area.


To learn more about Holly, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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