Rooted in Vegas: Meet Halsey Harkins

Featured on the Socialista Podcast

Wonderful human being and lovely soul, Halsey Harkins, stopped by the tiny house for a SocialistaPodcast interview. I only knew Halsey from Instagram (this is how I literally met everyone from Vegas). I got together with the talented songstress after Jen (the powerhouse leading the Fergusons Downtown team) and Molly from Sofar, recommended her as guest.

I already knew she was amazing, but when I met her, it was confirmed.

Once we got together for the podcast, I could feel her warm and positive energy filling the room.

We talked through her childhood and her growing up in Southern California before relocating here at the age of six with her parents and two older siblings.

When I asked about school, Halsey explains she was home schooled with her siblings until middle school. She explains some of the difficulties of being new to public school, but expressed her gratitude towards her mother for schooling her and her taste of music.

In high school, at the Las Vegas Academy, Halsey started to focus more on music. She started playing in the jazz band, which she credits her love of soul and jazz music … and things just grew from there.

In the last two years, Halsey has made her way around Las Vegas playing at many Downtown locations and casinos. During our interview she announced that she would be preforming in the hit “Jersey Boys” on a Norwegian Cruise for six months. This trip was a match made in heaven for Halsey! She’s currently cruising and living her best life, but she is still releasing music and videos for the all the fans back home.

To learn more and listen to her music, please watch the music video “You”, and listen to the full podcast episode here.

Happy listening! What is your favorite Halsey Harkins song?

Photos courtesy of Halsey Harkins

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