Rooted in Vegas: Meet DJ Wizdumb

Featured Socialista Podcast Guest: DJ Wizdumb

Talent and Wizdumb, what more can you ask for? Okay. Okay… terrible puns aside, DJ Wizdumb is one driven guy. From growing up in Texas to making himself a well known DJ in Las Vegas, Wizdumb’s story is one of following your passions.

I met Wizdumb through another Fergusons resident, he told me had been a part of the Fergusons’ community since they tested the airstream park behind the infamous market in the alley. He now lives in a tiny home at the residential area of Fergusons with his daughter. Our conversation on the podcast led us through his beginnings in Texas, where he started to DJ after getting equipment gifted to him from his family, to living in LA struggling to find gigs which finally led him to Las Vegas.


We discuss the collaborative mentality of Las Vegas’ music scene, and how the community as a whole embraces artists and creatives. Within his 10 years as a Vegas resident he explains the amazing transformation he has seen in that time. The revitalization of Downtown has allowed for musicians like himself to follow and pursue their passion. He is most well known through solo sets he plays at local venues such as Gold Spike, Beauty Bar, and commonwealth, or you can see him play with the other half of the two man show, Byra Tanks. Wizdumb, along with playing gigs most of the nights, is giving back to new and hopeful DJs by teaching them what he knows.

( Eric’s daughter making her debut as DJ Sadako at Fergusons Market in the Alley on April 22)

Listen to DJ Wizdumb’s story here!

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