Rooted in Vegas: Meet Diana of Vegans, Baby

Eating Vegan in Downtown Las Vegas

We’re stoked to bring you our friend Diana Edelman, founder of Vegans, Baby, who’s sharing her top vegan eats today with us!


Hungry and want vegan eats in Downtown Las Vegas? It’s easier than you think! Skip the steakhouse and shrimp cocktails (are they even still a thing?!?!) and check out these five spots I dig for vegan food in DTLV!



The all-vegan global street food spot is Downtown’s hip eatery for plant-based goodness. With pop-up dishes every day, local booze and organic fare, VegeNation is my go-to spot for vegan eats for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, you never know what they’ve got going on that’s extra curricular from yoga on the patio to pop-up art galleries.


Simply Pure

This spot tucked into Container Park has the world’s best vegan lasagna. At least I think so! Chef Stacey Dougan, who’s spot rose to viral fame when the Clintons came by in 2016, packs in the people thanks to her menu of raw and cooked vegan delights like nachos and lettuce cups. Simply Pure also serves fresh juices and smoothies, so it’s perfect for healthy options.



This DTLV Indian restaurant across from Container Park isn’t just great for vegan food, it’s fantastic people watching, too! Especially when the art installation fires up (you’ll know what I mean when you see it!). Turmeric has a full vegan menu that is packed with Indian favorites, and the best Gobi Manchurian I’ve ever had.

Evel Pie

Perfect crust. Flavorful sauce. Veggies. Plus, a heap of Evel Knievel (hence the name Evel Pie) kitsch thrown in makes this pizza joint hopping. Grab a slice and a beer from local brewer, Crafthaus (also vegan) or go all-in and order up an entire pizza pie.

Bomb Tacos

There’s a reason this colorful little fast casual spot is called Bomb Tacos — because their tacos are b.o.m.b. They offer three vegan tacos — fried cauliflower, crispy potato and mushroom. My favorite is mushroom, but it was a tough call. Order all three if you can’t decide. Also, their chips and salsa are legit.



Want even more vegan food? Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Diana and the founder of Vegans, Baby, and it’s my goal to make it easy to be vegan in Las Vegas by highlighting all the amazing vegan options around town. I’m super excited to be leading vegan food tours through Downtown Las Vegas that take people to five locations and serve up 12 vegan dishes. We even make a pass by Big Rig Jig so you can see it in all its trucker glory. Join me and grab your tickets today!


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