Rooted in Vegas: Meet Alex and Brie of Minimal Market

Featured Socialista Podcast Guests: Minimal Market

photo courtesy of Minimal Market

To kick off The Socialista Podcast, I invited Alex and Brie to be my very first guests! I met this power team at the Grow Your Own Festival back in October 2017. This was maybe two days after I thought of starting a podcast! I had been following their Instagram handle @minimalmarketlv for a couple months and was really intrigued by the idea of living a minimal waste life style. When I learned they were having a pop-up event at the festival I made it my mission to find them and gather up the courage to tell them about my podcast idea. To my surprise they said yes without hesitation! Alex and Brie were the first of many guests to record with me in the tiny home. I got to the chance to learn more about them both personally and their journey starting a business (an eco-conscious one at that!) They both moved here around their early teenage years, and met each other through Alex reaching out to Brie to make her bridal shower gifts. Ever since then they had connected on crafts and wanting to live more eco-conscious lifestyle. After doing my own research I learned that Nevada alone fills landfills with 38.4 tons of trash per person(That’s SO scary)!! Being the pioneers of a minimal-waste lifestyle here in Vegas, these ladies turned their love of hand-crafted goods into a pop-up shop to sell zero-waste tools to our community. On the podcast they share simple ways you as an individual can start reducing your waste. Their biggest tip… refuse what you don’t need! Refuse plastic bags by bringing your own and ask for drinks WITHOUT straws. Not only do they have practical advice for living a more eco-conscious life they have the tools to do so too! Everything from handmade cutlery wraps, bento containers, and reusable straws.

You can hear their interview on The Socialista Podcast here!

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