Rooted in Vegas: Meet Adam with Pretty Done

Featured Socialista Podcast Guest: Adam of Pretty Done

Adam, the artist behind Pretty Done, came by the the tiny home here at Fergusons! I bet you have seen his murals around Downtown (because they are everywhere), including behind the 7 th & Carson and Vegenation, and you can find a mural at the Market in the Alley. Once in the presence of Adam’s work you will quickly notice the eccentric charatcers and colors. No two characters or drawings are the same. Adam is a highly creative person, he is an artist, a photographer, avid gym goer, and DJ.

Adam definitely has a cool story of how he got to Vegas. He started DJing during college, his passion for learning new things and his drive led him here. Now he does it all! From Pretty Done to photography to making music, Adam certainly loves to see things in a different perspective.
He also speaks in length about personal growth and brand growth and how he conceptualizes
his projects. He explains he is influenced by color combinations, geometric shapes and cartoon

Listen here to learn more about Adam and the story behind Pretty Done.


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