Rooted in Fergusons

Life is Beautiful has always been more than a music festival. From food to art and even speakers, this festival redefines what a music festival can be. This year, we were thrilled to be a part of it and participate in a whole new way — by celebrating and supporting some of Las Vegas’ most talented residents. Over the course of 3 days, we brought together over thirty vendors, creatives and artists for a Life is Beautiful edition of the Fergusons Market in the Alley! Throughout the weekend we welcomed thousands of festival attendees to support, buy and dance local. The market led into the Bunkhouse Saloon, where we were able to host a stage takeover and feature twenty-three musicians and bands to share their talents.

Fergusons is rooted in Vegas, and this past weekend we celebrated Vegas the best way we know how — with color, art, music, love, kindness, support, and gratitude.

Here are a few of our talented vendors and their stories, but tune back into the blog as continue to highlight some of the individual incredible stories that are rooted in this community.

Wasteland Salvage

Wasteland Salvage brings beautiful charisma to repurposed materials. Everything from what they sell to their props to display their art. Using a reclaimed bike wheel, the team attached a pole to the spoke and turned the display for their art into an art display itself.

When it comes to reusing materials, Wasteland Salvage is passionate about giving old items a new narrative. At Fergusons we resonate with this mission, staying true to history and integrity while bringing about a new story.

To learn more, visit Wasteland Salvage here


Jaeci is message-driven jewelry, designed by Jenna Consiglio, that allows you to express your dreams, inspiration and inner-weirdness all at once. When Jenna was a teenager, she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that completely changed her outlook on life and sparked her passion for making a difference.

Through different pieces, Jaeci not only feeds the hearts of those who wear the jewelry, but sales from some pieces go directly back to making a difference in the community as well. Jaeci represents Jenna’s initials and stands for Journey. Aim. Experience. Create. Inspire. She believes that we are all connected and she is here to simply inspire others to believe in themselves, to find their passion in life and stay trendy. Throughout the market, Jenna shared her passion with everyone who visited her booth through jewelry and some pretty amazing festival glitter applications! We were honored to have her be a part of the market. Learn more about Jaeci and explore her collection here.


Clean Carriage Company

The Clean Carriage Soap Company offers a variety of all natural soaps made from plant based materials. On September 7th, as Dennis, of Clean Carriage, prepped for the forthcoming Market in the Alley, a drunk driver ran into his carriage, which he converted into a home for his soaps. Complete with showers, Dennis put his whole self and heart into converting his carriage into something special. When the drunk driver ran into his carriage, it ran directly into hours and hours of hard work and Dennis’ heart.

Nonetheless, Dennis made it to Market in the Alley. He used the fabric from what used to be the changing room and crafted a magical room for soap. Complete with a wooden shelf that he rolled down from his house, no visitor would know that Dennis just lost his soap-selling companion. Dennis radiates kindness and his unmistakable love for soap, only sharing his crushing story with those who asked.

If you would like to donate to rebuilding the Clean Carriage Soap Company’s carriage, donate here.

The Orange Feathers


An American duo from Las Vegas, The Orange Feathers brought their rock-influenced, acoustic sound to the stage at Life Is Beautiful during the third day of the festival. They got their name while hiking in New Mexico while the duo searched for feathers to put on their hats. As they stumbled upon a bush with a pile of orange feathers, they found a new decoration for their hats and inspiration for their band name. The band was born November of 2016 and recently released their first album, available on iTunes.