Fergusons Downtown is a neighborhood rooted in community. We bring people together by cultivating local music, art, nature, food, and creators.


A community that believes in give more than you take.

Unique Living Lifestyle


Airstreams are cozy and easy to move around in. If you are TALL the showers can be a little tight but a fun adventure… I mean who doesn’t love sitting while they are showering.

A queen bed that is very comfy with options to pull out the couch for additional sleeping.


The ability to stay in a home that is this TINY is so amazing! If you grew up loving forts and treehouses this is a place for you.

The “master” bedroom is upstairs in the loft.. You do have to go up and down a ladder so if your afraid of highs or climbing this can be a tad scary.

Extremely adorable and super cozy!!


The Micro Studio’s have the charm and feeling of a home but in a layout of a studio/hotel room. 

If you love your showers this is the spot! A huge walk in shower and bench to relax or prop a leg to shave!


Start a fire and/or add wood to fire during your stay

Donate alcohol to the bar or beer to the cooler

Make food for the community

Order food for the community

Help clean and throw away trash/wash dishes

Play an instrument by the campfire

Be the bartender

Help replenish community kitchen supplies (condiments, paper plates, etc.)

Feed the Pig (financial contribution to the "piggy bank" near BBQ area)

Please do not enter any units (tiny houses, airstreams, studio units)

Keep your paws to yourself (pets & humans)

Through the revitalization of the historic Fergusons Motel, our mission is to cultivate a diverse and inviting community that fosters creativity and passion. From the shops of local makers to restaurants and an enchanting green space, Fergusons is a place where you can connect, shop, sleep, eat and explore.