Meet the Big Rig Jig

It’s what catches people’s eye the moment they walk down Fremont St. It’s what sits tall above the surrounding buildings. It’s part of the Downtown Las Vegas identity. It’s — the Big Rig Jig.

Beginning as a temporary Burning Man sculpture in 2007 by artist Mike Ross, the Big Rig Jig is made up of two 18-wheelers. The structure stands at an impressive four stories high, overlooking many of the surrounding buildings. Acting as the centerpiece for the Fergusons courtyard, it echoes the whimsy of Las Vegas.

Inside the Big Rig Jig is steel-truss work, allowing the art piece to withstand the high winds of the Las Vegas desert. In order for the structure to not only stand, but also remain safe, the piece is also anchored down with a large metal base and custom-built screws.

We are proud to have the Big Rig Jig as part of the Fergusons family. We admire the inventive storytelling of the Big Rig Jig and how Mike Ross rewrote the narrative for an everyday item, in this case a semi-truck. Within Fergusons, we are taking the previous narrative of Fergusons Motel and continuing it through today, staying true to our roots while incorporating pieces of Las Vegas as it is now.

As a supporter for local art, we will to continue to house and commission art pieces within the Fergusons space. Visit our Market in the Alley to see some of our newest art additions, including murals from Las Vegas artists, such as Abby Paulhus, Depressed Monsters, Pretty Done and Jasmine Farro.


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