Fergusons’ Roots

Fergusons Motel first came to life in the 40’s as the Franklin Motel. Complete with an in-ground pool, it was a vacation destination for families visiting Las Vegas as they road tripped through the city. The terracotta roof, white exterior and Spanish style that lured guests to the Franklin Motel over 70 years ago still exists at Fergusons today.

Image via https://www.flickr.com/photos/hollywoodplace/4327990199

Daughter of the original owner of the Franklin Motel (Fergusons Motel) standing in front of the unit she once called home.

Fergusons has always been a place for people to visit, gather, and explore together. We want to honor that rich history, which is why throughout the entire revitalization process we aren’t forgetting where we came from. With each decision we make, we’re doing our best to stay true to our historical roots. We have done this by salvaging the terracotta roof, maintaining the white exterior and working to revitalize Fergusons other existing exterior architectural elements.

Fergusons is growing into a downtown market square, rooted in community. We exist to honor and enhance the rich culture that thrives here. Currently we are working to foster that environment among the incredible people who are rooted in Las Vegas through our Markets in the Alley, Friday Night Markets and Tiny Home Community, but as we continue to grow, it will live within a communal green space, shops, restaurants and hotel.

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