Sake in the Alley

Jan 25TH -
5:00 PM -
8:00 PM
1031 Fremont St. Las Vegas

Event Details

Sake Tasting Experience: An evening of taste, education, connecting and a really good time! Pour in the Alley offers a variety of Sake presented by your local experts to take you through their flavor profiles and how it’s made. You will experience Sake the way it’s intended to be served as well as elevated. 

Early Entry: Enjoy an intimate educational experience with experts of sake. They will talk through how its made, where it originated from and how to best create a cocktail at home. You will also be able to get first dibs on all your favorite sake within the Alley. 

What to expect: 

The Featured Spirits: Sake is a traditional alcoholic beverage in Japan. It’s made from rice and fermented like beer and wine. We have hand picked some of the best Sake for you to sip. There will also be Sake’s friends in attendance. Uzu, Beer, Whiskey, Sparkling Sake and Shochu. Join us while we crack open a barrel of Sake and explore. 

Education: Excuse Moi: 

● Sake 101 with an expert. This will be in the Speakeasy. 

● Sake blind tasting w/ an expert. Graffiti room: 

● Japanese Whiskey tasting. Whiskey Tasting 101 w/ Whiskey Attic. 

Culinary: All inclusive Food and beverage event with Chef Dan Kromer from Hatsumi and friends (friends to be announced later). 


Entertainment: Walk into the event with the sounds of a Tiko Drum, Followed by upbeat music for you and your friends to dance to. Line up coming soon. 

Jan 25th

5:00 PM

- 8:00 PM

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