My name is Jenna – I am the founder of JAECI and I have an exciting opportunity for you.

First off, hope you are having an amazing day – I want to invite you to my exclusive TRADESHOW WORKSHOP SERIES!


What is JAECI?

JAECI is an eclectic jewelry company based in Las Vegas. Founded in 2011 by designer Jenna Consiglio, the company is the brainchild of an entrepreneurial design junkie & genius, with a creative prowess. The acronym stands for your Journey to Aim and Experience a Creative life to Inspire others. Jenna went to college for design and has now turned it into a lucrative successful business.


Her designs have been sold in over 1500 plus stores and she has done custom work for Buckle, Taco Bell, Fedex, Spencers, Box Lunch, Scheels, music artist Andy Grammer, Virgin Megastores, the band American Authors, Wildfang, the Red Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas and many more. Her passion for education has brought her to now inspire and share her experiences. Jenna has attended tradeshows all around the US for the past 6 years and knows what it takes to go from a fun hobby to a scalable brand.


What is the workshop for?

My goal is to educate you on all the aspects of tradeshows so your designs can be seen sitting alongside other successful brand names. I’m so excited to teach you the secrets that brought me in front of buyers and in front of stores. Taking my craft to a lucrative and successful business.



How to get into the world of tradeshows and in front of buyers.

Cost: Invite Only, $259 value for $29, (1) hour workshop – refreshments will be provided