Community Feature: Our Very Own Ava Zech

Ava Zech is the Head of Social Media and Marketing here at Ferguson’s and a resident in one of our airstreams. This #girlboss loves her cat, Pino, and beating the summer heat in Mt. Charleston. You can often find her documenting many of our community events to share on social. She is the woman behind our Instagram and Facebook channels! 

Tell us about living at Ferguson’s!

I came here in September 2017 and I think I was only supposed to come here for three months. I was going to put off going to college for the first quarter and then I decided to stay and work and live here … and I love it. I just fell in love with the community and couldn’t think of possibly being anywhere else. I’m happy. I’m here to stay, which is awesome. It feels good.

Where are you from originally?


Very cool. What was your journey of getting here? How did you plug into Fergusons?

I’ve known a lot of people involved with [Fergusons] since I was really young, so when the airstream park was started, I started coming back and forth. It’s been, like, four years now of just visiting. Then last year I was spending all my money to come down every month and stay at the airstream park and see everybody. It was like my home away from home, so I knew that I was going to end up here … there was no other choice.

And now you’re living in an airstream in Fergusons residential?

Yes! I live in an airstream here with my cat, Pino. It’s definitely a weird transition. Just living the minimalist lifestyle definitely took a while to get used to; having to throw a lot of things out and really figuring out what I need. But, I love it. I think it’s definitely the way to live. You know, I only have the things I need and we have this whole community space so it’s really awesome.

What’s one of your favorite things about living in the Ferguson’s community?

I think it’s the sense of family. Like, we’re all so close and always have people to be around. No matter what it is – watching movies or cooking family dinner – it’s always having people around to talk to you. That’s my favorite part, for sure.

That’s awesome. Anything special you want us to know about Pino the cat?

Ha. Pino is a crazy cat. I got her in October 2017, kind of spur of the moment and didn’t think about having a cat in a trailer. But yeah, she’s definitely a boss babe too. She’s crazy. I’ve got a couple of scratches on me right now!

You’re pretty young, too. You’re 19 and you’re taking on the marketing and social position with Fergusons! How does that feel?

Ah, awesome. I still remember when Jen asked me to do it. So, I came on as just the intern doing whatever the team needed. I think I ran to Lowe’s, like, every day for three months when we were first moving in. And then Jen asked me to take over and I was like, ‘Woah, okay. That’s a crazy position to have!’ I’m so honored and Jen is amazing at teaching me, making sure I know the brand voice and everything. It’s been awesome to learn how to do that and marketing and everything. I’m so lucky to have this team of awesome women who all just lift each other up and support each other. It’s been amazing. We’re definitely transitioning a lot with how we do things and we’re always growing so it’s super fun to be a part of this brand from the beginning; I’m excited to see where it goes.

What are you most excited about seeing when the front of the property opens?

I don’t even know! I’m really excited about all the plant life and the trees and everything. I miss that a lot from being up in the Pacific Northwest – like all the greenery, the grass and everything. So, I’m really excited about that and having that space to do it and see how the community responds to it.

“I think it’s the sense of family. Like, we’re all so close and always have people to be around. No matter what it is- watching movies or cooking family dinner, it’s like, always having people around to talk to you. That’s my favorite part, for sure.”

Very cool. Any podcasts/ books/ authors/things that keep you inspired?

Right now our whole team is reading “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership”. I’ve been reading that and I love it. It’s just about learning how to take ownership and be a leader. I’ve also been reading “Grit”, which is kind of an interesting business book that I read on the side about being a self-starter; which I really want to be a self-starter  in the future with whatever I do.

Definitely! What are you rooted in?

I don’t want to be repetitive and say “rooted in community”, but I think that’s definitely something that keeps me going- it is the community here and the outside community. Bringing people together for Market in the Alley and then having this [residential community] here – whatever we do, I think that’s super important and keeps everyone going.

Our Community Feature series is led by Ashley Ayala of Sister House Collective. We’re so excited to have her be a part of our Fergusons community and crafting stories about people who make Las Vegas so incredible! Our partnerships are so important to us and we take a lot of time to really dig into the amazing talent right here in our backyard to connect them to us … and you! A big part of our vision is supporting our community and sharing people’s passions and dreams, and doing what we can to help further them! We’re #rootedincommunity and it shines through every decision we make, every person we meet and every idea we work hard to highlight.