Community Feature: Megan Victoria

Megan Victoria is the beautiful, illuminated woman behind Jupiter Lala. She is a gemologist, fine jeweler and artist of many mediums. Her work primarily explores the metaphysical harmonies of all life, through delicate, detailed jewelry, glasswork, and more recently, the experience of “energy events” – a portraiture experience that incorporates biofeedback to explore the relationship of light, color and life.

What inspired the creation of Jupiter Lala?

To tell you what Jupiter Lala is, I need to give you a little history.

For 20 years, I worked concentrically around, and in, nearly every field of gem and jewelry from mineral shops up and down the California coast, fine jewelry on Rodeo, diamond and estate jewelry dealers, a tourmaline mine, even QVC gem sales . For real, I kid you not.

I am a trained gemologist and goldsmith, which was after I went to school for studio art. I have always created alongside learning and living, it is my reciprocal breath of life if you will; what I take into my heart and mind I create out of my heart and mind. Rather than thinking of Jupiter Lala as a brand, I relate to it as a sort of satellite for transmitting all these creations of mine through. I work utilizing an amalgamation of materials (gold and gems of course, stained glass work, ceramic and now aura photography) to express out to our universe.

Color frequencies and metaphysics play a huge role in your work, can you tell us why, and how the two are interconnected?

Metaphysics is a very broad philosophy that studies the essence of a thing; it continues to ask “why” where science leaves off. I.e.:  Science says this green photon is resonating at 525 THz (terahertz), metaphysics asks what does it mean for a photon to resonate to 525 THz? Specifically in the case of my work, what is the relationship between all things emanating that frequency?

Looking back to when I was an art student I worked in metaphysical shops. I would read the given “properties” of gems, as I was being asked about them every day, all day. Quite honestly, I began to question “why and how”, if I didn’t fully understand the “why and how” I felt funny just repeating it. I began studying “the everything” about the minerals I could; the crystal habit (atomic shape), the chemistry, refractive index, the frequency range they oscillate to, what other minerals and plants are found in the ground near them …

What I discovered now seems so obvious perhaps everyone knew it. Color —  the “thing” that generates the color in a crystal is commonly the same “thing: that has an affect on us humans. For instance, tourmaline is known to have soothing qualities, people often keep it near to ease depression. What creates the resplendent color range in all tourmaline’s beautiful varieties is lithium, which is used to treat depression and bi-polar. Color is the truth, and the essence of all earthly and cosmic matter. The curiosity that compels my study is barely a reflection of all the beauty I am permitted to see in my work. It is this spirit in inquiry the frequency of human atmosphere. Aura is my next horizon with Illumine Being (my newer satellite, aka brand), binding an understanding of human energy to all I have discovered in earthly matter.

You brought quite an experience to Ferguson’s Market in the Alley earlier this year with an installation to capture auras on film, in a yurt (it was epic)! Do you have an experience planned for Life is Beautiful?

Yes! I am really excited to be bringing my Aura-cam to Life is Beautiful this year! This is an exquisite piece of equipment fitted with biofeedback sensors on hand-plates. It operates by measuring the energetic resistance between meridian points in your body. The result captured on Polaroid of an ephemeral moment, mystical, numinous, your energy in an ethereal colorful cloud about you. I am currently building a slightly smaller tent this time – actually a portable astronomy dome – based on the concept of geodesic domes. We’ll see how it feels. Let me know what you think! I am so looking forward to seeing all the beautiful auras!

Outside of your creative work, what is something you’re very passionate about sharing with the world?

Oh wow, I wonder if I am ever not in ‘work’ mode! I built my creative ‘work’ around everything I feel dynamic about and care profoundly for; it’s my life’s work and I am bonded to it as a integral part of me. I would say I feel deeply invested in the future of our human civilization, in facilitating creative means for us to endeavor what it means for us all to be here; how we can relieve much of the burden where we’ve placed it and discovering emotionally innovative means of healing and raising one another up.

What would you say you are rooted in?

I am rooted in staying curious, in philosophy, integrity and in being open. I am rooted in humanity and futurism and I am rooted in the mystics.

Megan can be found at IG handles @jupiterlala @illuminebeing , on her website, and (rarely) on Twitter 

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