Community Feature: Jenny Shin

Sister House Collective’s founder and creative director, Ashley Ayala features a local artist studio tour once a month. This month’s featured artist was Jenny Shin, a Market in the Alley regular and collaboration partner of Ferguson’s.

Banana twinkies are a thing when you’re hanging with local ceramicist Jenny Shin at her studio. Touring her studio included the aforementioned banana twinkies, along with a lot of laughter and discovery.

ICYMI you missed the tour I did with the talented artist, here’s the scoop.

After attending a class at Clay Arts Vegas four years ago Jenny started her journey into ceramics. Still a member,
Jenny works part-time there and is a part of the supportive network of fellow creatives. Clay Arts is a fully equipped studio with lots of space, which is why Jenny enjoys working from there, but she also works often from her home studio as she is a full-time Special Education teacher/ facilitator during the school year.

Since she is off for the summer months, she is currently working on a big project for Fergsuons’ that’s got many people on the project so excited. Jenny’s custom, hand-painted plates stock the residential airstreams, tiny homes and — coming soon — her work will be featured in the motel rooms.

She is also working on a collaboration with local downtown restaurant, VegeNation, creating replica food pins modeled after menu favorites like pineapple picante pizza, the loaded Bloody Mary and chia seed pudding!

During the studio tour, we got a glimpse into her creative process of making and painting her smaller pieces like her infamous ‘tiny face’ earrings, as well as her pins. (Spoiler: we got a sneak peek at a new earring design she will be launching soon – beautiful marbled half moons. Look for those at the next Market)!

We also learned that a few of Jenny’s favorite clays to work with are porcelain (for earrings, pins and spoons) and a red clay (speckled buff) which is what her pots are typically made of. We also got a behind-the-scenes look at her collection of tools, a funky assortment of various pastry and kitchen utensils and cutters.

Fergusons’ Market in the Alley last September during Life is Beautiful (LIB) was actually Jenny’s first ever pop up shop. After she’d reached out on Instagram to find out about what a pop up would entail, she described the acceptance as being “welcomed with open arms” and feeling like she was fully embraced. At LIB, she got a full three-day immersion into the world of pop up markets, selling her first round of funky ceramic pins that included pop tarts, vegetables and fruit, boobs, donuts, lattes and Corgi butts. After a successful weekend, she was hooked; nearly 10 months later she is still popping up with Ferguson’s exclusively, and just about every month.

Find Jenny on Instagram @jennyshinceramics.

Our Community Feature series is led by Ashley Ayala of Sister House Collective. We’re so excited to have her be a part of our Fergusons community and crafting stories about people at make LasVegas so incredible! Our partnerships are so important to us and we take a lot of time to really dig into the amazing talent right here in our backyard to connect them to us … and you! A big part of our vision is supporting our community and sharing people’s passions and dreams, and doing what we can to help further them! We’re #rootedincommunity and it shines through every decision we make, every person we meet and every idea we work hard to highlight.

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